Excuse the dust!

Wow, so this place looks a lot different, doesn't it? For those of you here because you took a photo of my 7ft tall booby sign at Phoenix Comic-con: HI! *waves* It's nice to meet you, and I hope you aren't disappointed that there is no uncensored version or something for you to enjoy.

Anyway, don't mind the things that look incomplete! We rushed to get this website layout up before PCC, and some of the items just didn't make the cut. But they will soon. There is a lot of added functionality to the website back end, too and soon I'll have a store and maybe a blog. Also in the works are a segmented gallery with categories instead of the miss-mash of stuff we have at the moment. I'm much more organized than this, I swear~! For now, just enjoy the drawings in the crazy order they are in now and *imagine* them all separated and orderly, please?

Oh! You may have noticed the pop-up warning you of wild boobies within? If you accidentally (ha) clicked "no nudity' by mistake or reflex I'm afraid the only way to unfilter (or re-filter, if that is your preference) the art is to delete your cookies and make your selection again. Sorry for any inconvenience!