Want to learn how to draw, but feel stuck? Want to tighten up your proportions, composition or inking techniques? I've successfully taught hundreds (maybe thousands, if you count convention panels) these very same things!

YOU CAN DRAW. Seriously. I've taught 8 year olds and 80 year olds. I can teach you!

1-on1 Face-to-Face Tutoring (Western Washington Only)

You provide the location, I provide the tutoring and some materials (I provide a list).

Cost: $85 + materials and my travel expenses from Kent, WA.
What that gets you: 3 hours of teaching time, divided into either two 1.5 hour sessions or 3 one hour sessions.
Topics: Basic Anime Figure drawing, Advanced Anime Figure Drawing, Advanced inking and coloring techniques, Copic Marker techniques

Anime Art Basics Group Class (Western Washington Only)

Have a lot of art minded friends? Maybe an anime club looking for a group activity? It's a lot of fun drawing in a group, and it's a great icebreaker.

Cost: $15 a person (minimum 4) + travel expenses and materials (I provide a list).
What that gets you: 2 hours covering instruction on completing one anime character from start to finish. Everyone will have a finished drawing to take home, as well as handy handouts to reference later!
Themes: Chibi (cute, simplistic child-like characters often used for comedic effect. Good for the younger age group) or Standard. (adult aged characters, male or female).

Skype + Livestream Tutoring

Don't live in Washington State? Still want to learn? This is your option.
Cost: $25. Special rates for more than one session, so ask me!
What that gets you: 1 hour of special instruction via the internet! Using a graphics tablet, I can walk you through any topic that I cover on paper, and some special topics I can only show you on a computer!
Additional topics include: Digital drawing, Digital coloring basics (Paint Tool SAI, Open Canvas or Photoshop), Advanced Digital special effects/color theory