Ever wanted to learn how to draw anime? I love teaching students of all ages and skill levels. Due to COVID19, all classes are currently being taught via Discord, Zoom or other online means. Prices listed are for single students. Group classes are available. I also offer help with specific, custom topics on an hourly basis. Email me for more details: lori [at]

Anime Art Basics - $125
Two 1 hour long sessions building up the basic techniques to drawing both masculine and feminine bodies in the anime style. Starting with basic proportion, moving on to simple inking techniques and beginning color theory. By the end of this series, you will be drawing not just winking people with arms behind their backs, standing behind bushes, but hands, facial expressions and full bodies.

Intermediate Anime Skills - $150
Three 1 hour long sessions refining and adding skills to improve your character designs, tweak proportions  and working on finding a personal style. Topics  include drawing  couples and  groups,  foreshortening and other difficult posing, advanced inking techniques and more advanced color work.

Body Inclusive Anatomy Intensive - $75
This 1.5 hour class for intermediate students (or old hats looking to diversify) focuses on adding bigger bodies to your visual library. From the face to the form, learn how to find the beauty in every body. Not just standing, learn about large bodies in motion, the way they fit into clothes, and how to keep them in proportion in relation to straight-sized characters.

Chibi, chibi, chibi! -  $20
One hour devoted to the tiny blobs of cute we all know and love. This beginner friendly class takes you through a chibi from start to finish, leaving you with a quick and repeatable set of skills to drown yourself in cute.